Kiev city

Best things to do in Kiev, Ukraine


Kiev is a great European city, not just because it is the capital of Ukraine or because it has a great nightlife for the tourists, but also because of its rich cultural heritage that draws tourists in hordes to a land of warm and friendly people.

Today, Kiev has become a hot tourist destination, and millions come here every year to witness a unique mix of the tradition and the modernity, which is not visible in other cities of the world. Kiev is a huge and modern city but it has maintained its heritage with a wealth of historic monuments and some of the oldest and most beautiful churches of the world. To come here and to see all these beautiful places in the huge city of Kiev takes time and effort, and much of it can be saved if you keep Kiev map with you.

The people of Kiev are in general very friendly and this is a fact that gets reflected in Kiev Nightlife. There are bars and pubs that are open whole night, and what is surprising that you get to see more women than men at these bars and pubs. Kiev Nightlife has much to offer whether you are interested in music, partying, dancing, drinking or having a fling with gorgeous looking women. Ukrainian women are some of the most beautiful women in the world and they are more than friendly which is what you find out when you go out to the pubs and bars at night in this wild city.

While nightlife is popular for party animals, the adrenaline freaks will like firearm shooting much better. The Kiev Shooting Club is Kiev’s best shooting range with a thrilling choice of firearms. To enjoy a memorable experience at shooting range in Kiev you should book one of the shooting packages, that also include English speaking guide and two-way transfer. There is a broad selection of weapons starting from the most popular Kiev Kalashnikov shooting, as well as pistols, revolvers, sniper rifles, shotguns. You can also try the clay shooting which is very competitive activity for groups. A shooting event takes 2-4 hours and once at the shooting range it quickly pumps a lot of adrenaline in your blood.

If you enjoy peaceful drinks in a somber atmosphere, the O’Briens and Golden gate are the perfect places for you. Both of these pubs offer a variety of wines and other drinks in a very laid back and cozy atmosphere. This is a place preferred by those who do not wish to be disturbed while having their drinks and are not into dancing and partying in a wild manner.

If you wish to mingle with the crowd and also have a blast of a time with some loud music, then Shato and Viola’s Bierstube are the places you should be in. There are a lot of beautiful chicks and you can dance to the content of your heart with them. For a cocktail, the best place is Dockers.

Kiev Nightlife is incomplete without good looking girls, and once you are full and done with alcohol, it is time to head to some raunchy nightclubs such as Arena, Faberge or Decadence House.

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