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Discover Thailand through temples



One place that is definitely worth visiting is the Temple of Emerald Buddha. This sacred temple holds a statue of Buddha which is 65 cm elevated and is made completely out of jade or jasper quartz. Even though the jade is from the 15th century, there are some murals found on the walls that can be traced all the way back to the 18th century. Visitors can also see Royal Thai Decorations as well as the Coin Pavillion. Overall, it is the sanctity of this temple which speaks for itself and the ambiance is good enough to enchant any visitors.

Along with this temple, there are many other huge Buddha temples that you can see as soon as you enter Bangkok city. This is the capital of Thailand and is famous all over the world. It is a metropolis which has everything that a visitor might need. Be it the thrilling nightlife or wonderful museums, you can find it all in Bangkok. This city is home to the largest museum in South East Asia, known as the National Museum. This museum displays a varied collection of Thai art, be it contemporary or old, sacred Buddha images, sacred clothing, ceramics, woodcarvings, weapons and musical instruments.

Any person that visits Bangkok must never miss a chance to see the Vinmanmek Teak Mansion which is the largest building which is made only from teak in the world. The Dusit Zoo and Royal Elephant Museum are wonderful places for you to have some fun and learn a little too. The Way Pho temple is the oldest and biggest Buddha temple in Bangkok. This temple is renowned for a 46 m high statue of a reclining Buddha as well as one of the largest collections of Buddha’s in Thailand. This place also offers relaxing massage therapies which are high crowd pullers as well.

Lastly, when you think of shopping, Bangkok has everything. There are more than enough markets that sell everything that you think is necessary. The Weekend Market (open Saturday and Sunday only), the Chatuchak Market, Pak Khlong Market as well as the markets in Phahurat district and Chinatown are quite famous.

The Thonburi region which is on the western bank of the river Thonburi has been able to gather attention for a very long time because of many different reasons. Here you can find the Taksin monument which holds a statue of an eminent king of Thailand, Taksin. This monument is quite a delight. There also is the Royal Barges Museum where you will find a terrific collection of boats as well as the Golden Swan which was the personal badge of the king.

The city of Ayuthaya which is located on the northern side of Bangkok also attracts quite a few people because of the Buddhist stupas that are found there. The largest and oldest temple here is Wat Phra Si Sanphet. Another popular temple is Wat No Phra Meru where you can find a green stone statue of Buddha. Two of the significant national museums here are the Chantharakasen and the Ayuthaya. The towns of Lopburi and Kanchanaburi located in Central Thailand also play host to quite a few tourists every year.

There are also a few places along the southern coast of Thailand such as Phetchaburi city, the Andaman Coast, and Southern Gulf Region which is specially meant just for tourists.

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