How to Become a Certified Yoga Instructor Online When You Travel Constantly


I decided to deepen my personal yoga practice and learn to teach yoga when I was in Koh Phangan, Thailand.
I was looking at the serene water where I practiced outside daily and I made the decision to take this next step.

Travel and yoga are my life. I had been wanting to enroll in a Yoga Teacher Training but am not in one place long enough to commit to a 200 Hour Training. I am bursting with joy to now be a Certified Yoga Teacher from Online Yoga School’s 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Online. I found the training online at and signed up without any hesitation. This was the program that I was looking for.

Enrollment was a breeze. I was walking through the Ministro Pistarini International Airport in Argentina and signed up from my phone. The subjects covered were fascinating. I particularly liked yoga philosophy. I experience poses differently after the human anatomy studies and now understand what is happening with my own body in each yoga pose. The asana section helped me deepen my own practice and learn how to modify poses in ways that I have not learned previously. It was also helpful in opening my eyes to forgotten poses that I do not practice as much as I should. I loved the meditation training and the pranayamas. Chanting was delightful. The chakra modules were extensive and I found them to be healing. I really enjoyed teaching methodology, where I learned such things as cueing, finding my voice and having appropriate boundaries. There was a section on the business of yoga, which was helpful.

The training allowed me to jump from section to section. I was not forced to follow a certain order, which is perfect for someone with my personality type. My attention span tends to jump around and this training accommodates that. I met several other teacher trainees. A few of us retirees have connected and communicate daily on a group chat. Who knew you would make best friends in an online yoga teacher training?

What makes this training different than others is that you not only receive ongoing support after certification, but you also have access to the lead trainer. You can call or text her anytime. They also offered restorative and chair teacher certifications with the 200 hours. This is a decision I will always be grateful to have made. I now teach as I travel.

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