Affordable Cruise

How to Go On An Affordable Cruise?


The purpose of going on a cruise is to get away from our normal routine and almost boring life and to spice up our lives with an altogether different flavor. Cruises are not only fun but are adventurous and a very convenient way to go on holidays and you can achieve all of this without emptying your bank account. It is possible to get cruise reservations at economical rates but while you are on your holiday it is possible that the extra expenses go beyond your budget which includes drinks, shore excursions, and various other possibilities.

The below tips have been put together so as to provide us a very convenient way of making smart choices while you are on the cruise.

1) You can save money on drinks by taking advantage of the free events on board which includes the free welcome aboard toast. Most of the ships have their own art gallery and during auction event they offer complimentary champagne along with which is an added advantage. Usually, casino offers free drinks during the evening time. You can also purchase beverage packages at the beginning of your cruise and can bring along the same on your trip. Such packages usually consist of unlimited soda, unlimited wine, unlimited beer and unlimited liquor.

2) Do not dine in such restaurants which are not included in the price of the cruise. These are the ‘signature’ restaurants and are quite expensive. Many cruise lines offer variety of places to eat and ships also provide 24 hours of complimentary room service.

3) Do not purchase souvenirs from the ship and it is better to shop on shore. You can inquire at the tourist information desk at the port for the best shopping areas and markets. You will be offered best deals and offers and you can easily bargain with the locals for lower prices.

4) During port visits, you can also plan spa treatments and sessions and you can accordingly reserve the bookings, especially when the rates are lower. Sometimes, there will be cancellations and those time slots will certainly be discounted. Make sure you confirm the spa appointment a day in advance.

5) The shore excursions are one of the expensive part of the cruise and it is much better if you book your own shore trip and you can ask the tourist information desk for help and recommendations on these excursions.

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