Spanish learning holidays

Spanish learning holidays in Ecuador


One of the recent developments in tourism has been the move to do something more than the regular sightseeing tours to snap photos of the iconic spots to take home and show friends and colleagues. The search for a more meaningful engagement with a foreign destination can take many forms. One of these is a language learning holiday such as those offered by Yanapuma Spanish School in Ecuador.

While learning another language, in this case, Spanish, is a challenging activity, doing it while immersed in a new cultural setting brings the learning to life in a unique way that is inspiring and invigorating. Language is the carrier of the culture, and so learning the language while experiencing the culture becomes an immersive experience that has a lasting impact.

This is especially true for families who decide to travel to a country like Ecuador where they can take Spanish classes for part of the day and tour the city with a teacher in the afternoons to visit places of cultural and historical interest. Doing a program like this as a family is a unifying and memorable experience for a family, and Yanapuma has many years of experience in receiving families with children from as young as 4-years-old and upwards to take Spanish classes at their Spanish school in cosmopolitan capital city Quito or in tranquil colonial Cuenca in the south of the country.

In addition to taking regular Spanish classes and cultural activities in these cities, Yanapuma also offers their “Study and Travel” programs that allow students to visit various parts of the country on an organized program of combined Spanish classes and travel to the Amazon rain forest or cloud forests, the Andes Mountains, the Pacific coast, and to top it all off, possibly a week in the Galapagos Islands on one of their island-hopping tours.

Classes can also be combined with staying with a local host family who rent out rooms to visiting students and families. This option provides a real immersion experience for visitors as they get to share the lives of a regular Ecuadorian family.

These programs are also perfect for older students who may be retired and looking for a way to experience a new country in a meaningful and engaging way. Having a detailed itinerary developed before arrival offers the security to travel while gaining confidence in communication skills in Spanish along the way.

All in all, a language-learning vacation can be an inspiring and memorable way to spend time, either as an individual travel, a family, or an older retired person or couple.

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