Thing to avoid on vacation

Thing to avoid on vacation



Today is the first day of a week-long Singaporean vacation. Everybody in the family is happy – your kids and wife. As soon as you check-in the hotel room you get an official call and are tied for next 3 hours. Your family is furious and everybody is an off mood. You all planned to visit the adventure sport of Bungee jumping in Singapore. So the plan had to be rescheduled as you are still at work. Everybody is a bad mood. What went wrong? You know it all that you have brought your official work on to vacation. How can you resolve this?

I would like to suggest the following things that must be avoided on a vacation:

• Never get involved in any official work while on a vacation. It doesn’t work that way. You are completely destroying the very meaning of vacation which you have taken to take a break from mundane routine.

• Don’t be stressed out while holidaying with your family. Seeing you stressed and tensed they start feeling the heat. And as a result, the enjoyable mood would vanish away.

• You are on your vacation. Your family should be your priority more than work. Respect their feelings and emotions. It’s not always about you it’s about them also.

• Enjoy and break free. Why would you be suppressing your adventure? The world is full of beautiful holiday spots so explore it. Depending on your choice make a short trip to a beach resort or to Hawaii.

• If you are with the family and outside your resort or hotel don’t drink too much. If you become unconscious it might be difficult for your family to manage and sort things out.
Always keep in mind the tips I mentioned. You would simply love your vacation and at the back of mind wonder if you can plan it again in near future.

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