10 bodrum daily excursions

Top 10 Bodrum Daily Excursions


There are many daily excursions around Bodrum Peninsula and here are the top 10.

1. Ephesus. An ancient Roman Harbour city, going back 2000 years in history. This is a fantastic place for anyone and any age to visit. Make sure you protect yourself from the sun as Ephesus is all made of marble and it can get really really hot. So don’t forget that hat and bottle of water.

2. Pamukkale. Also known as “cotton castles”, one of the natural wonders of the world. You get a chance to visit Cleopatra’s pool and the calcium cliffs of this amazing venue.

3. Dalyan. Dalyan is situated near a beautiful river and many tourists enjoy their day out with a visit to mud baths, turtle beach.

4. Scuba Diving. Bodrum sea has been praised by many tourists for its cleanliness and visibility under the sea. For these reasons, for many years Scuba Diving has been a popular excursion.

5. Kos Island Visit. Bodrum is situated near the Greek island of Kos. There are organized excursions that anyone can visit this island and it only takes around 30 minutes on a hydrofoil.

6. Jeep Safari. Like many other popular tourist destinations – Jeep Safari’s are one of the favorites.

7. Market days. There are 12 different markets around Bodrum peninsula and holidaymakers enjoy bartering for holiday souvenirs.

8. Turkish Bath. For many people, Turkish Bath is the highlight of their holiday. Can you imagine how crazy it sounds when outside temperatures are as high as 50 centigrade and tourists go to a bath?
Locals believe that it is the best way to climatize their body with the Turkish Bath. Also, many tourists say that they get a better suntan after their bath experience. It is a very popular half day excursion.

9. Daily boat trips. Bodrum peninsula has some of the best parts of the Aegean sea. One of the best ways to take advantage of this is a daily boat trip. A normal day on the boat starts around 10 am and goes all the way till 5 pm. Many stops for swim breaks, freshly prepared lunch on the boat are some of the highlights of these days out.

10. Turkish Night – Last but not least, Turkish nights are also in the top ten Bodrum excursions. The night have all the traditional entertainment with amazing Turkish food and belly dancers.

All together Bodrum has a lot to offer and I am sure you will make the best out of your holiday with some of these days out.

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